Day 4 (con’t) – July 11, 2018 (Wed) – Michelin Star Culinary Experience at Le Ciel

When we booked this cruise, the Michelin-starred restaurant experience was one of the highlights that attracted us. Now Crystal only offered that to guests who are in Penthouse & above free of charge, all others would be charged €249 per person. Since we booked the cruise before Crystal announced the cut-off date of August 7, 2017, we were able to enjoy this culinary experience free of charge. Out of Edvard, Konstantin Filippou & Le Ciel, we chose the last one.  There were 16 of us going there and 20 that went to Edvard. Not sure how many went to Konstantin Filippou.

The food at Le Ciel was definitely above average and the service was great too, but I don’t think it’s worth €249. Crystal used 3 different coaches to take us to the restaurants. Le Ciel is on the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel, quite close to the Vienna State Opera.

The menu


The veal (main course)


The dessert


2 types of chocolate after the dessert (yes, the green ones are yummy chocolates)



What a great day in Vienna! There was so much that we didn’t get to see so I was very glad that we got to stay in Vienna for a couple more days after the cruise.

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