Day 6 – July 13, 2018 (Fri) – Linz & Cesky Krumlov

Linz & Cesky Krumlov – July 13
Steps walked: 11,800         Floors climbed: 4 Distance walked: 8.4 km
Details Time Notes
Breakfast at Waterside 8:00 AM
Ship Tour: Czesky Full-day Adventure 9:00 AM
                   to Cesky Krumlov (LNZ-03)
arrived at Cesky Krumlov Castle 11:00 AM start tour from uphill
complimentary coffee break at Cesky Pernik 11:50 AM
Guided tour part 2 12:00 PM
Free time & Lunch 12:20 PM
Lunch at Hotrel Dvorak terrace by the river 12:30 PM 1050 Czech Koruna
Coffee at Egon Café 2:00 PM 138 Czech Koruna
Meet at Old Town Square 2:30 PM
arrived back to Linz for city sightseeing 4:00 PM
Back to ship, booked Bistro dinner 4:20 PM
Afternoon snacks at Bistro 4:30 PM
Walked to Linz Old Town 5:15 PM
Boarded trolley for a 30-min Old Town Tour 6:00 PM €9 per person
Took a bus back to ship 6:50 PM €1,20 per person
Back to ship 7:05 PM
Dinner at Bistro Mozart 8:00 PM
Ship to Passau 9:00 PM
Went to “Ther Liar’s Club” at Palm Court 9:30 PM too long & repetitive!

While we were at Linz, the ship docked with the Port side facing the pier. Luckily, our suite didn’t get blocked by the pier at all. But you could see from the picture that a whole chunk of rooms on Deck 1 from mid-ship to the front of the ship were completely blocked.


We docked really close to town. Strolling to Hauptplatz, the Old Town Main Square, was just an easy 5-minute walk.

After breakfast, we boarded the bus to go to Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Most people from the ship chose to go to Salzburg as it was a more popular spot for tourists. So there were only about 20 of us on the coach. After a 2-hour journey on the coach, we arrived at the top of Český Krumlov Castle, dated back to 1240 when the first castle was built. We felt much better walking downhill, accompanied by the gorgeous views:



After a 45-minute walk, we were taken to a cute little shop opposite the castle exit to taste their famous Old Bohemian ginger bread. We were also offered free trials of their wine & liqueur. The ginger bread had lovely designs and was really soft and delicious.


We continued our walk to cross the Vltava (Moldau) River to the Old Town Square. We had a great lunch on the terrace of Hotel Dvorak by the river.

Screenshot (45)

Both the fish and the duck were delicious.


After lunch, we walked to a little cafe for coffee before joining the group at the Old Town Square to walk to the coach for our return trip.


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