Day 3 – August 12, 2018 (Sun) – At Sea

Today has been a great relaxing day! We started with a Cruise Critic Meet & Greet in the Skywalkers Nightclub with over 20 members there. After 1 hour’s informal chat we went to the casino to do a Slot Pull together. It was fun!

We had lunch at Steamers. I quite like their Ramen as we could choose our own ingredients & the kitchen staff would add broth or stir fry the noodles for us. We like seafood so we booked dinner at the Steamers for tomorrow night.

After lunch I took a long nap before room service delivered the evening canapés to us.

At 5 pm, we went to the Skywalkers Nightclub for the elite members Happy Hour & had some pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres.

Dinner was very good. The French onion soup had lots of onions & it was cooked perfectly. The leg of lamb was also tender & juicy.

We had fried banana & ice cream for dessert. It was delicious.

I highly recommend the show “Bravo”! The whole singing & dancing team plus the soprano were so good that we went to the 9:30 pm performance again. Both shows were packed.

Humming the beautiful melodies that we heard from the shows, we spent some time in the casino before going to bed.

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