Crystal Bach Rhine River Cruise – Day 2 (con’t) – April 1, 2019 – Strasbourg, France (9am-10pm)

After a quick lunch on the ship, my husband and I took the 2:30 pm shuttle and went back to Strasbourg city centre for more exploration. Since my civil engineer husband loves taking photographs, he would not want to miss the Medieval architecture in this quaint little place.

After getting off the shuttle, we took a tram (line B or F) from the Republic Square to Petite France. It cost € 1,80 per person and we used our credit card to pay at the ticket machine at the tram stop.

Tram stop at Republic Square

It was a quick 3-stop ride and we got off to walk to the Swing Bridge.

We waited for about 20 minutes for the swing bridge to make an opening for the canal boat to pass

Then we walked further in Petite France to watch the canal boat passing through a narrow lock.

water level rising while canal boat was in the lock
Fast track of how the canal boat passed through the lock

After all the video-taping, we strolled leisurely in Petite France, admiring the beautiful medieval buildings.

St Pierre-le-Vieux Church, Petite France in Strasbourg
The Tanner’s House on the left with other half-timbered medieval houses
Rue du Bain aux Plantes, Petite France in Strasbourg

Walking along the lovely street of Rue du Bain aux Plantes to the Cathedral Square, we were eager to try some French coffee at Christian Patisserie before attending a private organ recital in the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Stained glass with the beautiful organ on the right

After the closing of the cathedral at 6 pm, we attended a 15-minute organ recital, followed by a private tour of the cathedral.

The Strasbourg astronomical clock in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame
Touch the dog’s nose to make a wish come true
We walked past this model of the Strasbourg City, with the cathedral in the middle. and the canal around it.

After dinner at Bistro, we attended “The Modern Strings”, a well-presented show by a virtuoso violinist, Anna-Maria Barth. It was pleasing to the general crowd with pretty good violin skills.

A very pleasant first full day of our river cruise, with beautiful nice warm weather that a jacket was not even necessary in the afternoon.

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