Crystal Bach Rhine River Cruise – Day 3 (con’t) – April 2, 2019 – Mannheim, Germany (2-6 pm)

Docking Location: Mannheim Mauer

As the ship was late arriving at Mannheim, we did a mini city tour in Mannheim, stopping at the main attraction of the city, the Water Tower.

A huge open space leading to the Water Tower
lots of beautiful flowers in Mannheim

After a quick lunch on the boat, we joined Dagi for a city walking tour, passing by the Mannheim Baroque Palace, which claimed to have 1 more window than Versailles.

Mannheim Baroque Palace

The palace was under renovation so we could not go in for a visit. Another unfortunate event was that out of 9 people, 5 did not bring their listening devices and 3 could not hear well even with the device, so the guide decided not to wear the microphone as mine was the only one that worked. We had to stay close to her to listen to her. Dagi did not control the time very well so we ended up being 10 minutes late to get back to our coach. Since we drove past the palace and the water tower earlier on, the walking tour was like taking a long walk to get our gingerbread cookies and the gelato.

Coffee house and bakery since 1838
The famous original Mannheim gingerbread
Ice cream at Eis Fontanella

Although there was a long line up for the ice cream, we got ours very fast because Crystal pre-ordered everything. The sampling portion was big and delicious with nut sprinkles & strawberry syrup. We also got their spoon as a souvenir.

Something sweet to compensate the not-so-interesting city walking tour

After walking for 8.1 km with close to 12,000 steps, we did not join the “Majority Rules Game Show” after dinner. We retired early that night…praying that there would not be pouring rain in Rudesheim.

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