Day 1 (con’t) – July 8, 2018 (Sun) – Salzburg Cathedral, Fortress VIP Dinner & Concert, Night views of Salzburg

After we got our Salzburg Cards, we went inside the Salzburg Cathedral for a quick walk-around. Then we went to use the Fortress funicular to go up the hill. The whole journey was only 40 seconds long. The view of Salzburg from the fortress was just gorgeous!


We joined a free 30-minute tour of the fortress where we got an audio guide, plus visiting the regency rooms, torture chamber and the watchtower at an altitude of 506 m (1,660 ft). Apart from the spiral staircases and numerous steps, the 360° views from the watchtower were most rewarding.

The dinner before the concert was at Panorama Restaurant. The food was quite good and I loved the delicious and “musical” dessert.


After the meal, it’s time to get ready for a work-out. We had to climb 137 steps to get to the Golden Hall for the Mozart concert. The music was very good, but since there’s NO air-conditioning, it was quite hot and I was all sweaty. Luckily I had a foldable fan with me so I was using it occasionally and gently.  Didn’t want to be too distracting to the performers being seated in the first row in the middle. We paid extras to be VIP’s for sitting in the front row, got a program and a glass of champagne during intermission. To go to the ladies’ room, walk down 2 levels, then up to go back to the concert hall.  There was only ONE toilet there, or you have to walk down even more to use the courtyard washrooms. While I was in the washroom, my husband took a beautiful sunset picture from the concert hall.  Remember? No air-con so windows were wide open.


When the concert was over, my husband got a pretty night view of the cathedral from the fortress.

cathedral night

Then we walked for 20 minutes to the Mullnersteg Bridge to take a night shot of the spectacular fortress.


Using our Salzburg Cards, we took a bus back to Franz Josef Kai, walked 3 minutes to the hotel. What a long day! See how much I walked today!!!



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