Day 2 – July 9, 2018 (Mon) – sightseeing in Salzburg

Salzburg – July 9
Steps walked: 14,276         Floors climbed: 22 Distance walked: 10.1 km
Details Time Notes
breakfast at Café Getreidegasse 10:00 AM
got ticket for Salzach River Cruise 10:30 AM €3 extra for back seats
Salzach River Cruise 11:00 AM
walked to Mirabell Palace & Gardens 12:00 PM
relived the scenes of Sound of Music
walked to lunch at Café Bazar 1:00 PM
walked to Mozart’s Residence 2:30 PM
walked to Old Town 3:40 PM
Visited DomQuartier 4:00 PM so many steps!!
afternoon drinks at Stieglkeller 5:10 PM
Walked to Mozart’s Birthplace 5:40 PM no air-con, very hot
Back to hotel to take a rest & shower 6:15 PM walked 137 steps up
Walked to Sternbrau for dinner 7:40 PM
Sound of Salzburg Show at Sternbrau 8:00 PM
Back to hotel 10:00 PM

It’s a warm and sunny day (18-28° C). We started by having a delicious breakfast at a little cafe (Cafe Getreidegasse) next to the hotel.


2 regular coffees and 2 apple strudels cost €13. The coffee was super good and the apple strudels were flaky and yummy.

Then we used our Salzburg Cards for a free Salzach River Cruise. We paid €3 each to sit at the back of the ship. It was a good choice. After the 1-hour cruise, we walked to the Mirabell Palace and Gardens.

mirabell gardens (2)

There we relived many scenes from the movie, “The Sound of Music”, including the Pegasus Fountain & the steps that Maria & the children sang “Do Re Mi” and the Dwarfs Garden.

Soon it’s lunch time so we walked 7 minutes to Cafe Bazar next to the Salzach River for lunch. Both the ham noodles and sandwich were great! The coffee was especially good.


The above lunch plus 1 beer, 1 juice, 1 Coke Zero & 2 coffees cost €41,80. Afterwards, we walked 5 minutes to Mozart’s Residence. It was a beautiful place and I bought a lot of souvenirs there. That was a big pity that Mozart died so young at the age of 35 and his wife Constance was only 29 at that time, having just given birth to their youngest son 6 months ago. We walked back to the Old Town and went inside DomQuartier Salzburg. Again, so many steps!! It’s a hot day and only a small section of the museum has air-conditioning.


We definitely needed a cold drink after the visit, so we used the DomQuartier’s ticket discount to have a “Buy one Get one free” beer at Stieglkeller next to the entrance of the Fortress funicular. The view from the terrace was amazing!


Before we headed back to the hotel to take a rest, we visited Mozart’s Birthplace, just a 5 minutes walk away. The place was so hot and it was just totally like a sauna. Mozart’s family lived in a 3-room apartment on the 3rd floor (the one with all windows opened).


Another highlight of Salzburg was the “Sound of Salzburg Show” held at Sternbrau opposite our hotel. It was very entertaining, with a lot of Austrian folk songs, Mozart and Strauss’ compositions, and best of all, many songs from “The Sound of Music” with a little bit of sing-along fun! The schnitzel there was quite good but the pork roast was just average.

We had so much fun in Salzburg that we’ll definitely go back.

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