Day 8 – July 15, 2018 (Sun) – Passau

Passau – July 15
Steps walked: 4,911         Floors climbed: 8 Distance walked: 3.5 km
Details Time Notes
Breakfast at Waterside 8:30 AM
Ship Tour: Roman Times and Roman 10:15 AM Guide: Roman
                   Dishes (PSU-01) excellent English
Back to ship 12:45 PM
Lunch at Blue 1:00 PM
watched the locks at the spa relaxation area 2:30 PM
watched world cup final at Palm Court 5:00 PM
Dinner at Waterside 7:30 AM
Social time at Cove Bar 10:00 PM

This morning, we had breakfast at 8:30 am before Waterside closed at 9 am. We got all items before 9 am, then we could sit and enjoy our breakfast even though the buffet was closed. We joined a surprisingly informative and interesting excursion this morning called “Roman Times and Roman Dishes”. We went to the Roman Museum of Passau, Museum Kastell Boiotro.


Our guide, Roman, was super good with excellent English. Throughout the 2-hour excursion, we gained insightful perspective on what daily life was like in Passau 1000 years ago when the city was part of the Roman Empire. The museum is very modern, but it was built on the foundation of the Roman Fort Boiotro, with some remains of the military fortification both outside and inside of the museum.


The fun part was we got to make a Roman snack with Romaine lettuce, cheese spread of feta, pepper, coriander, honey, garlic, a little vinegar and oil. We were also offered a sweet Roman wine and grape juice with honey & pepper.


We also tasted the Roman dessert made of dates, filled with honey, almonds and pepper. All of them were delicious!

IMG_0488IMG_7099 (2)

It was unfortunate that there was no time to explore Passau on our own after the excursion.  If I had known that there were shuttles from ship to Passau at 9:30 am, 10:15 am & 11 am, I would have joined the earlier group of the same excursion that started at 8:45 am so I could have some time to explore Passau. Shuttles from Passau to ship were at 10:30 am, 11:45 am & 12:30 pm.

Passau was one port that we had to get off from ship to pier from the top Vista Deck (Deck 4), that might be an issue with those who are less mobile. Also, it double-parked with NickoVision so ALL staterooms on the Starboard side were in complete darkness against the concrete pier. Whereas staterooms on the Port side were tied with NickoVision. We were lucky because in order to line up the entrance, NickoVision moved back and so my suite DID NOT get blocked at all.  Hooray! Another eveidence to prove the excellent location of my room!


Here showed the gangway from the top deck to the pier:


As usual, we lunch at Blue, my favourite lunch spot!

In the afternoon, we relaxed in the spa waiting area where the whirlpool & the swimming pool were located and watched the boat enter/exit the locks.


My husband even set up his video camera on the tripod while he himself relaxed on the lounger.


Then my husband and a lot of other passengers gathered at Palm Court to watch World Cup Final. They were furious when the satellite signals were weak at times and the screen blacked out or frozen many times. I used my data to watch it so I had no problems, though the screen on my phone was way smaller.


We didn’t attend “The not so newly wed game”, so sorry, no comments on the event.

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