Day 10 (con’t) – July 17, 2018 (Tue) – Violin concert and night cruising, Budapest

Now we have come to my favourite evening of the whole cruise. Being a classical concert pianist, I didn’t really enjoy the very modernized concert with loud taped background music to create the sound effect and modern feel, although the 3 “Princesses” played with excellent techniques. I guess it was necessary to cater for the rest of the audience so they wouldn’t get bored.


I enjoyed the beautiful grounds where the concert was held, Budapest History Museum on the Castle Hill. Nonetheless, we had to walk on cobble stones for over 5 minutes so Crystal recommended “No High Heeled Shoes due to walking conditions”. In the concert hall, it was boiling hot, even one of the performers had to stop and wipe her sweat with a towel.

After the concert, we took some beautiful photographs of the grounds while walking back to the coach.


When we got back to the ship, Crystal Mozart sailed away for a night cruise on the Danube. It was very windy so I wrapped myself in a comfy blanket, enjoying tons of finger food and drinks, while my husband took many beautiful pictures. Though it was so cold, lots of us were on the Vista Deck. It was a great 2-hour night cruise.


This is the Liberty Bridge that was close to where we docked (Pontoon 8):


Next we sailed past the Elisabeth Bridge:


Then the famous Chain Bridge close to the Palace:


The stunning Castle Hill at night:


My husband is a civil engineer so he took lots of pictures about bridges, here is one of the many:


You don’t need a good camera to take a shot of the fully illuminated parliament:

IMG_0967It’s a pity that we only got to spend one night in Budapest. We’ll definitely return to this beautiful city.

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