Day 12 – July 19, 2018 (Thur) – Budapest to Vienna

Budapest to Vienna – July 19
Steps walked: 7,558         Floors climbed: 7 Distance walked: 5.5 km
Details Time Notes
Scenic cruising including Hainburg & Devin Castle am
Brunch at Blue 12:00 PM
hair appointment 2:00 PM
Galley Tour (signed up at front desk) 3:00 PM informative!
packing 4:00 PM
Early dinner at Bistro Mozart 5:30 PM
Mozart arrived at Vienna 6:10 PM
Walked to Vorgartenstrasse (Subway U1) 6:20 PM
Took the subway to HOHO Night Bus Tour 7:30 PM
Subway from Karlsplatz to Prater 8:30 PM
Arrived at Giant Ferris Wheel 8:50 PM
Took the subway back to Vorgartenstrasse 9:50 PM
Took the eBike to ride along the pier 10:30 PM
Joined Derek at Cove Bar for “Til We Meet Again” 11:00 PM

We slept in and when we woke up, we just passed by the beautiful Hainburg.


After our last lunch at Blue, I had a hair appointment at the salon. The experience was greatly relaxing.


At 3 pm, we had a Galley Tour. Only 2 groups of 15 guests each were accommodated, so make sure you sign up early if you’d like to join the tour. We were greeted with champagne and were shown the very neat kitchen with only a couple of staff members working there. Chef Juraj provided a lot of information during the tour.


After a quick dinner at the Mozart Bistro, we walked to Vorgartenstrasse and used the 48-hour Vienna Card that we bought on embarkation day to take the subway Line U1 to Vienna State Opera where the Big Bus Hop On Hop Off night tour started. Although it was still very bright outside, it was a very interesting tour with great narration in English. We were lucky to get the last 2 seats on the bus. It cost 17 Euros each.


Although we have been going around the Ring Road many times with Crystal, it was a better experience with the narration and the map in hand. Then we took the subway to Prater to board the Giant Ferris Wheel, situated in a big amusement park.


We were able to view beautiful sunset aboard the Ferris Wheel, using the Vienna City Card.


The night view was gorgeous!


Then we took the subway back to Vorgartenstrasse and walked back to the ship. Brian rode the eBike along the pier.


Then we went to the Cove Bar to join Derek and the guests. I did a “Sound of Music” sing along on the piano to bid farewell to everyone.


Couldn’t believe it’s the last night on board the wonderful Crystal Mozart!

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